On April 5, Jose Luis Tomé, AGRESTA Forestry Engineer, presented the LIFE ADAPT-ALEPPO project to the students of the Master in Ecology at the Autonomous University of Madrid, placing special emphasis on “sustainable forest management applications based on open data”.

At Agresta they have been involved in sustainable forest management for more than 20 years and have been able to see how technology has made a qualitative leap, enabling the creation of new tools with an enormous potential impact on the forestry sector.

With the talk given to the students of the Master of Ecology, the aim is to give a vision of how these technologies have been incorporated and impacting the forest management of the Spanish stands through specific projects, such as the case of LIFE ADAPT-ALEPPO .

Thus, the work and progress achieved by the LIFE ADAPT-ALEPPO project have been shown:

  • Obtaining cartography through the application of habitat suitability mapping methodologies and detection of forest decline processes.
  • Development of a platform that offers a visualization service and periodic update of the diagnosis for early detection and monitoring of the decline of Aleppo pine stands.