LIFE ADAPT-ALEPPO (LIFE20 CCA/ES/001809) was presented at the XVI Scientific Conference on Research Dissemination, which took place on January 18, 2024 at the Faculty of Social Sciences Cuenca.

 The project researchers attached to the University of Castilla-La Mancha (Jorge de las Heras, Carmen Belén Martinez-Escobar and Daniel Moya) participated with an oral presentation on resilient territories and adaptation of the management and planning of the territory to the new regimes of predicted fires due to climate change and rural depopulation. In this context, the dissemination and transfer of socio-ecological tools is essential for the conservation of Mediterranean forests in general, and specifically for Aleppo pine forests in the southeast of the peninsula.

 The ideas presented by LIFE Adapt-aleppo on post-fire adaptive management techniques for Aleppo pine generated debate among the audience in a multidisciplinary environment (mainly journalism, sociology and education).


Furthermore, a couple of days before (January 16, 2024), Professor Jorge de las Heras held a conference at the Royal Conquense Academy of Arts and Letters (RACAL), in which he spoke to more than 50 attendees, a talk on “Forest fires in the Mediterranean” where he presented the objectives and methodologies developed in the LIFE project for the adaptation of forest masses to climate change and specifically to forest fires.