Throughout this month of March 2023, 4 internal training seminars have been developed among the partners of the LIFE ADAPT-ALEPPO project. In them, carried out online, the protocols and action techniques for each of the planned demonstration actions have been exposed. In addition, special emphasis has been placed on the development of monitoring protocols for these stands, depending on the type of work carried out.

This follow-up work, recently started (action D3 of the project), is essential for obtaining results of interest on the applied adaptation techniques of the Iberian Aleppo pine forests, allowing to assess whether the improvement of the resilience of the forest has been achieved, mass by increasing its vigor, its ability to adapt to climatic aridification and the ability to recover its functions after natural disturbances.

This training has been highly valued by each of the partners, since they have been able to unify criteria for action, finish defining protocols and resolve doubts.

Captures taken during the development of the Internal Training sessions (Action F1)