Digitization jobs have recently been carried out, within the LIFE ADAPT-ALEPPO project, by INGENIERÍA DEL ENTORNO NATURAL technicians, framed in the C2 action of demonstrative implementation of assisted migration in forest restoration activities of the Aleppo pine habitat. A characterization of the selected stands has been carried out for the plantations that will soon be carried out in the Region of Murcia.

Previously, and before the beginning of the digitalization works, drone flights have been carried out to obtain high-precision orthomosaic maps of the 3 action stands.


The 3 stands where the plantations will be carried out, located in the municipalities of Cieza, Calasparra and Fortuna, have been divided into a total of 18 sections of equal surface area, with the idea of planting specimens of Aleppo pine from the 6 most appropriate sources. for our spheres of action, these origins being the following: Southeast, Northern Bética South, Levantine coast, Levante interior, South and southern Bética. In total, each provenance will be planted in 3 sections within each stand.

Likewise, in order to locate all the Aleppo pine individuals and, in turn, to optimize the surface area within each section, the plantation framework has been designed where the Aleppo pine specimens of the corresponding provenance will be implemented. Also the accompanying woody species, which have been chosen based on the floristic procession of each P. halepensis forest, depending on the bioclimatic characteristics, these accompanying species being the following: Ceratonia siliqua, Olea europaea, Rhamnus alaternus and Pistacia lentiscus.