On September 6th, the UPV team took soil samples in the eco- hydrological demonstrative stand (action C3 of the LIFE Adapt-aleppo project), in La Hunde. A total of 30 samples were taken: 5 litter, 5 to determine apparent density, 10 altered samples at a depth of 0 – 20 cm and 10 altered samples below 20 cm, reaching a maximum depth of 40 cm.

These samples have been taken to the Edaphology laboratory of the UPV to carry out the physicochemical characterization of the soil. In addition, it will help to obtain some of the hydraulic characteristics of the soil, including the amount of water that the soil can hold.

This study is essential to know the behavior of the soil prior to treatment, and will allow to verify if the forestry works modify it in any of its properties.


Material used in the extraction of samples.

Sample extraction for apparent density analysis.


Extraction of disturbed soil sample to depths of 40 cm.