Technicians from Ingeniería del Entorno Natural carry out work to monitor the quality of the Pinus halepensis plants in the “El Valle” Forest Nursery, located in the town of La Alberca (Murcia), belonging to the General Directorate of the Natural Environment of the Region of Murcia.

These plants, from 6 different origins (Bética Sur, Bética Norte, Southeast, Costa Levante, Levante Interior and Sur), will be planted within the actions contemplated in action C.2 for the demonstrative implementation of assisted migration in restoration activities Aleppo pine forest habitat within the LIFE ADAPT-ALEPPO project. Thus, they will be transplanted to the selected mountains, within the Region of Murcia, specifically in the municipalities of Fortuna, Cieza, Calasparra and Ricote.

Images carrying out the control and monitoring of the quality of the plant:

Of all the plants planted in the nursery, a random sampling corresponding to approximately 10% is carried out, where quantitative measurements (height and diameter) and qualitative measurements (ontogenic state of the plant) are made.

Most of the sampled plants present an ontogenetic stage of level 4 where the elongation of the axillary buds becomes visible, reaching the formation of branches; thus indicating that they will be ready to be planted in the demonstration mountains in autumn 2022, after the first rains, when it is verified that the land presents the ideal conditions.