LIFE Adaptalepo participates in the 8th Spanish Forestry Congress (2022, Lleida)

The LIFE Adaptalepo project team presents this project at the 8th national forestry congress organized by the Spanish Society of Forest Sciences in Lleida from June 27 to July 1 of this year through the communication: “LIFE Adaptaleppo project : forestry for the adaptation of Mediterranean pine forests to climate change” led by Santiago Martín, technical coordinator of the Agresta project with the participation of all the work teams: Natural Environment Engineering (IDEN), CARM General Directorate of the Natural Environment (DGMN), University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM), Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) and University of Lleida.

  • Poster on LIFE Adapt-Aleppo exhibited at the SFC

LIFE ADAPT-ALEPPO (2021-2025), has as its main objective the development of new tools for the adaptation of Iberian Aleppo pine forests (subtype 42.841 of Habitat 9540 of the Habitats Directive, Annex I) to climate change, as well as as your demo application. These tools will focus on the early detection of decay processes and on improving the resilience of this ecosystem by increasing its vigor, its ability to adapt to climatic aridification and the ability to recover its functions after natural disturbances. The geographical scope of the project covers the potential area of distribution of the subtype in the Iberian Peninsula, including the Mediterranean slopes of the Catalan mountains and the Iberian System, the Ebro basin and the prebaetic mountain ranges .

The congress served as a meeting forum for most of the work teams that collaborate with it, who had the opportunity to share the project with other researchers in the poster sessions on June 27 and 28.

Both in the communication and in the poster, complementary information is available and you can see the main objectives of the project as well as the actions proposed in it to achieve them.

  • Tomás Sánchez (AGRESTA) during the presentation of the poster at the SFC

Explanatory video of the poster

  • AGRESTA and UdL staff at the presentation of the poster
  • AGRESTA and UPV staff during the development of the SFC