Throughout the month of June 2022, the first eco-hydrological forestry treatments were carried out in the province of Lleida.

Specifically, treatments managed by technicians from the School of Forestry Engineering of the University of Lleida have been developed, in accordance with the protocol established in action C3 for demonstrative implementation of ecohydrological-based forestry models in Aleppo pine forests (LIFE Adapt- Aleppo).

Thus, in the demonstration plot located in Camarasa, silvicultural treatments have been carried out with a 60% reduction in mass density.

  • UCLM staff during inventory work

With the development of these works, it is intended to reduce the density of the mass in such a way as to optimize the use of water and the water availability of the trees and therefore improve their vigor, making them less vulnerable to future conditions.

Once the treatments were finished, UdL technicians proceeded to carry out the post-treatment inventory, in order to monitor the evolution of the mass and obtain conclusions about the treatments carried out.

  • Post-treatment inventory work in masses of Pinus halepensis