On June 6, 2022, technicians from the Forestry School of the University of Castilla-La Mancha began inventory work on demonstration plots for structural and floristic diversity actions in Aleppo pine stands, following the established action protocol based on action C4 of the LIFE ADAPT-ALEPPO project.

Picture 1. UCLM staff during inventory work

With the development of action C4 of the LIFE ADAPT-ALEPPO project, the aim is to implement innovative forestry techniques aimed at causing a substantial increase in the structural and/or compositional diversity of Aleppo pine forests of subtype 42.841 (Iberian Aleppo pine forests) of Habitat 9540 of the Habitats Directive. Hence the importance of carrying out an inventory prior to the treatment of the mass, in order to be able to subsequently evaluate whether there has been an improvement in the mass.

Thus, work began in the stands located in the municipality of Ayna, taking the pertinent measurements in control treatment plots with a radius of 25 m.:

• Shrub and herbaceous layer

• Juvenile or regenerated layer

• Inventory of plots

• Physiographic characterization of the plots

Picture 2. Mass inventory work of Aleppo pine, in Ayna

The inventoried plots will be executed throughout the autumn-winter of 2022, through silvicultural treatments focused on improving the structural and floristic diversity of the mass.