On June 22, 2022, technicians from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) began work to study the quality of the Aleppo pine plant from 7 different origins, which was planted for the introductions planned for the C2 action of the project. LIFE ADAPT-ALEPPO, for assisted mitigation actions in different Valencian Community locations, specifically in the municipalities of Cortes de Pallás, Jérica and Andilla.

Image 01. Picture of identification label of one of the types of origin of Aleppo pine planted

The plants produced in Vivero “La Hunde” (owned by the Generalitat Valenciana) belong to the origins of: Alaquàs, northern Bética, southern Bética, inner Levante, south, southeast and Levante coast.

The works carried out for the quality study are carried out on approximately 100 plants for each of the provenances. On them the height, diameter and ontogenic state are measured. 

Image 02. Picture taken during the measurement works

The objective of this work is to know perfectly the quality of the plant, as well as the selection of the best specimens to use for assisted mitigation plantations.

Image 03. High quality Aleppo pine seedling view