After 6 months of implementation of the LIFE ADAPT-ALEPPO project, last March 10, 2022, those responsible for the project, both technical and administrative-financial, have met with the monitor of the project by the NEEMO team, Mr. Cristóbal Gil.

Thus, the technical managers of each of the beneficiary partners (Ingeniería del Entorno Natural, AGRESTA, Dirección General del Medio Natural de la CARM, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Universidad de Lleida and Universidad Politécnica de Valencia) have presented the progress achieved for the actions planned to date, highlighting the progress in terms of achieving previous experiences, demonstration stands for implementation and design of actions in stands of Aleppo pine:

– Assisted mitigation actions (plantations) to improve the capacity to adapt to climate change.
– Silvicultural treatments to improve vitality and reduce the effects of reduced water availability.
– Silvicultural treatments to improve structural and floristic heterogeneity.
– Adaptive management techniques to improve resilience and adaptive capacity of post-fire regeneration.

The achievements regarding the dissemination of the project have also been presented, such as the launching of the website and social networks, the availability of the identity manual, networking meetings with other LIFE projects, participation in conferences and congresses, etc.

In addition, the monitor has provided recommendations for the development of the actions according to the planned schedule, as well as for the proper justification of expenses incurred.
After the online meeting, a next field visit is scheduled for the spring of 2022.