From November 8, 2021, the project ” Adaptive forest management of Mediterranean forests of Pinus halepensis against climate change ” – LIFE20 CCA/ES/0001809 ( LIFE ADAPT-ALEPPO) has a Technical-Scientific Committee made up of 28 experts to provide support and advice for the development of LIFE project actions.

Thus, there are representatives of the LIFE project partnership (coordinating beneficiary and associated beneficiaries), as well as agents external to the project, belonging to different Institutions and Administrations:

  • Members belonging to the partnership of the LIFE project:

Mr. Esteban Jordán González . Natural Environment Engineering (Coordinating Beneficiary)

Mr. Santi Martín Alcón. Agresta Cooperative Society

Mr. Miguel Chamón Fernández. General Directorate of the Natural Environment of the Region of Murcia

Mr. Jorge Antonio de las Heras Ibáñez. Castilla-La Mancha university

Mr. Daniel Moya Navarro. Castilla-La Mancha university

Mr. Aitor Ameztegui González. University of Lleida

Mr. Lluis Coll Mir. University of Lleida

Ms. María González Sanchís. Polytechnic University of Valencia

Mr. Antonio D. del Campo García. Polytechnic University of Valencia

  • External members of the LIFE project partnership:

Mr. Josep M. Espelta Morral. Center for Ecological Research and Applications Forestry (CREAF)

D. Asier Llarranaga Otxoa of Egileor . group d’Actuació Forestal (GRAF) of the Bombers of the Generalitat de Catalunya

Mr. Carlos Miranda Estrampes. Department d’Action Climate , Food and Rural Agenda (DACC) of the Generalitat de Catalunya

Mr. Jordi Palau Puigvert. Natural Park of the Ports (Generalitat of Catalonia)

Mr. Mario Betrán Barba. Forest Science and Technology Center of Catalonia (CTFC)

Mr. Javier Hermoso de Mena. Valencian Government

Mr. Emilio González López. Valencian Government

Ms. Elena Gómez Sánchez. JCCM Natural Environment and Biodiversity Service

Ms. Ana Isabel González Ochoa. JCCM Natural Environment and Biodiversity Service

Mrs. Laura Puerto Moreno. AMBIENTEA, S.COOP and Viveros el Sembrador.

Mr. Juan José Martínez Sánchez. Polytechnic University of Cartagena

Mr. José Antonio Franco Leemhuis . Polytechnic University of Cartagena

D. Jaime de Lara Pasquín. Sierra María Los Vélez Natural Park (Junta de Andalucía)

D. Pedro Gómez Martínez. Sierra María Los Vélez Natural Park (Junta de Andalucía)

Mr. Enrique Arrechea Veramendi. Government of Aragon

Mr. Álvaro Hernández Jiménez. Government of Aragon

Ms. Ana Cabanillas Saldaña. Government of Aragon

D. Lorenzo Serrano Zuñeda . Government of Aragon

Mr. Rafael Calama Sainz. CIFOR-INIA

A first informative meeting was held on the LIFE ADAPT-ALEPPO project, in which opinions were exchanged on implementation actions, search for previous experiences, as well as the analysis of the possible location of demonstrative actions.