One of the first actions developed with the LIFE Adapt-aleppo project has been the compilation and analysis of previous experiences of adaptive forestry in the face of climate change in Pinus halepensis forests.

This work has been carried out thanks to the collaboration of the project partners, as well as external collaborators, members of the Scientific-Technical Committee.

After several months of work, it has been possible to collect information on more than 60 actions from previous experiences, included in 4 lines of action:

  • Forest restoration with an assisted migration approach
  • Ecohydrological forestry
  • Forestry for structural and floristic diversification
  • Adaptive management of post- fire regeneration
  1. hydrological forestry experience in Valencia
  1. Image of the assisted migration experience in Aragon
  1. Image of structural diversification experience in Murcia
  1. Image of experience to help regeneration in Aragon

From LIFE Adapt-aleppo we appreciate all collaboration in the search for this type of experiences already executed. The collection is still open through the form: 

All these experiences will be analyzed by the project in order to prepare technical management recommendations. And part of them, those considered most relevant, will be monitored by the LIFE project.