“Adaptive management of Mediterranean Pinus halepensis forests in the face of climate change”

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Installation of soil moisture sensors in the demonstration stand for ecohydrological improvement located in Sierra de Luna (Zaragoza)

On July 12 and 13, participants from the UPV team, AGRESTA and the Aragón Provincial Council carried out the necessary field work for the installation of 30 moisture sensors at different depths in a demonstration stand located in Sierra de Luna (Zaragoza) for the...

Dendrochronological study in stands for ecohydrological improvement in Sierra de Luna

On July 12 and 13, participants from the UPV, AGRESTA and Aragón General Council team extracted 24 tree cores from one of the demonstration stands to implement ecohydrological -based silvicultural models (action C3 of the LIFE Adpat-aleppo project ) . in Sierra de...

Soil sample extraction work for subsequent physical-chemical characterization in La Hunde

On September 6th, the UPV team took soil samples in the eco- hydrological demonstrative stand (action C3 of the LIFE Adapt-aleppo project), in La Hunde. A total of 30 samples were taken: 5 litter, 5 to determine apparent density, 10 altered samples at a depth of 0 -...

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The project has received funding from European Union´s LIFE Programme under Grant Agreement LIFE20 CCA/ES/001809

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